Tren and Bren are two brothers . Tren always wears a red baseball cap with visor turned to the left, and Bren – a green one with visor turned to the right. They often argue with each other , but always come to one opinion, albeit in different ways. And how wonderful they play the guitar! Real musicians!

Shurik aka Lyal Petrovich is a very energetic kid! However, he is too young to walk alone and goes for a walk with his Grandmother. Lyal Petrovich is very curious like all kids, and often capricious (ashamed to admit it !) to get what he wants.

Neposedkin Vasya, footballer, sportsman, cheerleader! In general, he is the instigator of all the monkey tricks: first make, then think... When the ball flies out to the window , Neposedkin is already playing hide and seek!

Professor Erudit is the smartest boy in the yard! He knows so much! They say, he has secretly built a real rocket and is going to fly into space!

Sharik Pyh is a phlegmatic yard chubby and somewhat philosopher. He is always with candy-cock or caramel on a stick in his hand. They say, he has a whole box of them!

Vityusha is a cheery and good boy who always gives everything to all and is trying to reconcile everyone. He is a romantic. He likes classical music and is trying to write poetry...

Polina is the most beautiful girl in the world , and everybody in the yard is in love with her! Oh, how great it is to be beautiful!


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