Do you know all the songs of Street Magic by heart? Great! Did you know that every song, poem and even fairy tale have its author? The authors are the people who wrote music and lyrics, made up all this to make your life interesting and cheerful!

"Street Magic" have their authors too, their names are Vitaly and Natalia Ososhnik . This is a real happy creative family , and probably thats why they make such a good and beautiful songs and poems.

Songs of these authors have won childrens and adults hearts, several generations have grown along with the songs from childhood cheerful tunes to lyrical and philosophical songs about love and life... Furthermore, they are the producers of their favorite group - "Street Magic" and always side by side with them.

Vitaly and Natalia Ososhnik have written more than 150 songs that live and bring joy to people. Vitaly and Natalia Ososhnik are writing songs not only for us ,of course, but also for many of the most popular artists!

We are very proud of our authors and we are very pleased that the composer Vitaly Ososhnik is Honored Worker of Culture of Russia and a laureate of the Administration of the President of Russia in the field of literature and art.

"I want to write hundreds of songs without thinking what it will give us... The most important thing is that our songs have given something to others" - said Natalia and Vitaly Ososhnik.

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